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ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 for Nexus 4!

For those you who have been following ParanoidAndroid ROM’s development over the last few years, you probably seen how well-polished it has become, especially for Nexus devices like the Nexus 4.

The latest version of ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 is better than ever, faster than ever with never-ending features such as the updated HALO floating notifications.

Even if you don’t use HALO, the ROM itself offers a multitude of original features such as

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ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.60 for Nexus 4! [UPDATED HALO]

ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.60 is here for your Nexus 4 with update HALO floating notifications!

UPDATE: version 3.99 is out, CLICK HERE to see it instead of this!!!

What we saw in the initial version of HALO is now really shaping up to become more stable while providing quite usefulness to your multi-tasking.

Although HALO isn’t a full multi-tasking beast like Note 2’s multi-window feature, it serves its purpose of helping the user see and respond to notifications or

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ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.50 for Nexus 4! [HALO Overlay Multi-Tasking!]

For those of you who want the latest bleeding edge of Android, check out the latest beta version of ParanoidAndroid ROM version 3.50 for your Nexus 4 Android smartphone.

UPDATE: There’s a new version 3.60!!!

The latest ParanoidAndroid ROM ships with “HALO” effects, it’s an overlay over any of your apps for notifications.

For example, if you get a new message from your friends on Google+, you will get a notification in your Halo circle.  

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