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Carbon ROM for Nexus 4! [Android 4.3]

For this week’s Nexus 4 ROM of the week, check out latest Android 4.3 version of Carbon ROM.

Carbon ROM features a mix of AOKP ROM Control-like settings called “Carbon Fibers”, HALO floating notification (from ParanoidAndroid ROM), custom list animations, Focal camera (from CM10.2), and some more.

It has a slightly different “personality” than other custom ROMs and that’s what I really like about it while performance and battery life is solid.  If you are looking for a good custom ROM with a good level of customization, definitely c

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BeanStalk ROM for Nexus 4! [Android 4.3]

For those of you looking for a slightly, different flavor of Android 4.3 on your Nexus 4, definitely BeanStalk ROM is one of those you might have never tried. This is actually one of my favorite AOSP ROMs of all time, bringing you some nice UI/system customization along with transition animations (that you can change).

This particular version of BeanStalk ROM comes with AROMA graphical installer, allowing you to customize everything from your apps, kernels, and more during installation.

Once installed, BeanStalk ROM brings you a ton of customization with its AOKP ROM C

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Android 4.3 ROM + Root for Nexus 4!

If you have been watching the tech news lately, you’ve probably noticed that Android 4.3 has been out for Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition.  I have absolutely no idea why Google decided to launch Android 4.3 on the S4 first but no worries, we finally have Android 4.3 for Nexus 4 also.

If you are already rooted and have CWM recovery installed, upgrading to Android 4.3 is really easy, just flash the Android 4.3 ROM using CWM recovery.  To get full root, also just flash ChainFir

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