S4 ROM for Nexus 4!

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Tired of same vanilla Android UI?

Check out S4 ROM which comes with Galaxy S3 launcher along with Galaxy S4 wallpapers, sounds, ringtones, alarms, notifications, widgets, icons, and some more.

Based on CM10.1, you can expect some serious mimicking of Galaxy S4. Of course, this is all cosmetically S4 but it can certainly refresh your Nexus 4 experience.

Give it a go this week(end) if this sounds something you might be interested in and do let me know what you think!


Download S4 ROM for Nexus 4

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer or hit "Thanks" button if you like this ROM!

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Nexus 4 Reference
You will need a rooted Nexus 4 to install all ROM/kernels.

First time to rooting and custom ROMs?

Please see our Nexus 4 FAQ FIRST!!!
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19 Responses to S4 ROM for Nexus 4!

  1. sluggs says:

    I really only tried this out because I wanted the actual s4 calender widget but I could not find it. Is there another rom for N4 that would have a nice month view widget calender? Thanks!

  2. Danish Mustafa says:

    Tried to search it on XDA Developers website as well but couldnt find anything relevant. Can we have NOTE2 ROM (flashable) for Nexus 4?


  3. Louis Segal says:

    Just tried this rom. It is brilliant. I would definitely recommend it. It is my first rom that I have actually used on a daily basis – apart from stock!

  4. Animan Jain says:

    Could someone please help me??? I successfully installed this rom on my Nexus 4 but when i log in with my google account it says unknown network error even though my internet is working. Please help me

  5. Deepesh Parwal says:

    I flashed this rom on my nexus 4 and when system rebooted it is stuck at S logo….

    • Deepesh Parwal says:

      rebooted it already twice… first google comes then s logo and its stuck… dont know what to do?

      • Animan Jain says:

        Reinstall the ROM and then try it. If it doesn’t work then plug it in and turn it on

        • Deepesh Parwal says:

          How do i reinstall the ROM??? i used Nexus Root ToolKit earlier

          • Deepesh Parwal says:

            I can get into Boot Loader menu. But i dont know how to reinstall ROM from there…

          • Animan Jain says:

            Go to fastboot , then go to recovery mode an you will enter your recovery mode (cwm or twrp. In twrp, you select install and find your ROM and swipe to install. In cwm, select install Zip from SD by clicking the volume up and down. Install your ROM. Then reboot the device and it should take around 5 minutes to boot up.

          • Animan Jain says:

            If that still doesn’t work then restore from your backup or if you didn’t make a backup then restore to factory settings. Install/Launch ROM manager and click install zip from SD card. Select your ROM and make sure to select wipe data and cache. The same thing happened to me and I had to wipe the data and cache because without that it didn’t work

          • Deepesh Parwal says:

            Right now my phone doesnt has any OS . Everything has been wiped out. Whatever i have to do is through command prompt and only screen i have is Fastboot Mode screen. What to do now?

  6. Deepesh Parwal says:

    Right now my phone doesnt has any OS . Everything has been wiped out. Whatever i have to do is through command prompt and only screen i have is Fastboot Mode screen. What to do now?

  7. Ronnie says:

    Does this ROM comes with Samsung Voice?

  8. Martin says:

    The room works great but the wifi doesn’t seem to be working at all. Any ideas why?

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