How to Overclock Nexus 4 to 1.944Ghz!

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For those of you who want to get a little more “oomph” out of your LG Nexus 4 Android smartphone, you can if you have a rooted Nexus 4 with a custom kernel that supports overclocking.

If you do want to overclock, I highly do suggest Faux kernel for Nexus 4, which provides overclocking up to 1.944Ghz while giving you pretty good battery life.

To install Faux kernel, you simply need to install the kernel zip file in CWM Recovery. (see latter part of video above for installation)

Before you install the kernel though, I highly suggest you to either make a backup ROM or have your custom ROM zip file handy. If something goes wrong, you can easily restore your ROM or simply flash over your custom ROM zip file, which will restore whatever kernel you had before installing Faux kernel.

Once custom kernel is installed, you will also need some type of overclocking app or use performance menu (available in most custom ROMs) to actually overclock. Most custom kernels are not overclocked out of the box. For this, most custom ROMs have a “performance” menu in settings OR you can install overclocking apps like SetCPU.

Does overclocking burn your CPU?

Contrary to belief, overclocking doesn’t mean your CPU will always be running at 1.944Ghz, it simply means that your CPU’s maximum frequency limit is 1.944Ghz but it won’t go that high unless you are being busy on your phone such as playing HD games or running CPU-intensive apps.

If you want to know more about differences between smartphone CPUs and desktop CPUs, see this video below or see Overclocking Explained!

Download Faux Kernel (courtesy of XDA user Faux123 – Please donate or hit “Thanks” button if you like his kernels.):

Download Faux Kernel for Nexus 4 Android 4.2.2 Turbo Boost Ultimate (OC up to 1.944Ghz)

Download Faux Kernel for Nexus 4 Android 4.2.2 Turbo Boost Mainline (OC up to 1.836Ghz)

Other recommended Kernels:

  • Matr1x – Only GPU overclocking, enabled by default.
  • Trinity Der Kernel – Overclocking up to 1.836Ghz
  • Franco
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Nexus 4 Reference
You will need a rooted Nexus 4 to install all ROM/kernels.

First time to rooting and custom ROMs?

Please see our Nexus 4 FAQ FIRST!!!
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10 Responses to How to Overclock Nexus 4 to 1.944Ghz!

  1. Sergio says:

    I tried flashing my ROM again to get to the stock kernel (I have Franco kernel) but my phone still doesn’t boot up after flashing this kernel. What should I do??

    • It’s possible for your backup to include either all data on the phone or only portions of it.
      If the backup contains boot, kernel, radio, rom and all data it should restore to original.
      If the backup does not contain some of these it may not work.
      Your best solution is to load the stock kernel form xda developers on to your phone through adb, boot to download mode, and then install the stock kernel and your rom from twrp or cwm recovery.

  2. Tim Groot says:

    Hi, there is one thing that i haven’t clear yet and can’t seem to find. With Android 4.3 coming soon, what happens to an installed custom kernel when you choose to upgrade to the next Android version on arrival? Will the installed custom kernel be overwritten by stock kernel 4.3? Are there any actions to be taken before upgrading to a newer version of Android?

    • Misaw says:

      I belive that, assuming you flash a custom 4.3…it would overwrite any kernels you had. the stock 4.3, overwrites everything too.

      • davey0728 says:

        Correct. Pretty much anytime you install anything “stock” from Google like patches or updates it will override whatever custom ROM or kernal you have installed at that time. You can easily re-flash your new kernal after the update but either way stock 4.3 won’t be near as good as any of these custom ROMS so don’t even bother with 4.3, stick with CM 10.1.0 or this amazing PacMan ROM I’m running as we speak. Talk about customizable…this is probably the best ROM I’ve ever used and trust me brother I’ve flashed a lot of ROMS.

  3. davey0728 says:

    Hey I also wanted to ask can you flash this 1.9 kernal on ANY custom ROM? Like me, I’m running PacMan so can I bump this ROM up to 1.9?

  4. Callahan says:

    This article says nothing about the relavent Nexus 4 with 4.3 JWR66Y.
    Is this kernel applicable?

  5. Narisha says:

    Can I flash this kennel on android 4.4 on nexus 4?

  6. Jose Aponte says:

    I need flash this kennel on android 4.4 on nexus 4

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